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  • June 6-11, 2023
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Day 1: Setup & Launch

Everything you'll need to set up and launch your new products

Day 2: Operate

Build a strong operation and accelerate your business growth

Day 3: Online Arbitrage

Learn how to start and optimize your OA business from the ground up

Day 4: Scale & Growth

Advanced marketing strategies to supercharge your business growth

Day 5: Exit

When to let your business go, and how to negotiate the best deal

Day 6: Monetizing Your Skills

Learn how to build a business from the core of your Amazon expertise

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Our Amazing Guest Speakers

Tools, Tactics, and Obstacles

June,6 9 AM EST Kick off

Izabella Ritz

Data-Driven Product Selection for Massive Growth

Izabella is the CEO of Ritz Momentum a company she founded in 2019 to provide services for the students whom she was teaching how to sell on Amazon. She saw that they led extremely busy lives, and wanted to help them bring their vision of starting an Amazon business to life, just as she had in 2015.

Meghla Bhardwaj

Unlocking India's Sourcing To Fuel Your Growth

Meghla Bhardwaj has over 20 years of experience in the Asia sourcing industry. She is passionate about helping global Amazon and e-commerce sellers. Together with her partners, Margaret & Kevin, she organizes sourcing trips to India and Vietnam and is the Co-Founder of India Sourcing Network.

Jon Tilley

Amazon Listing Optimization with ai [Chat GPT]

Jon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zonguru - a toolset that helps e-commerce brands and agencies scale on Amazon, through data intelligence and automation. Jon spent 15 years working as an Advertising Strategist for some of the top digital agencies in the world, and has launched multiple successful Private Label Amazon Brands.

Ryan Cramer

The ABCs of E-commerce Logistics

Ryan Cramer has worked with various companies in the eCommerce/Amazon space for 6+ years, including Evergreen Enterprises, Viral Launch and PingPong Payments. Today, Ryan is the Head of Marketing & Growth at Frisbi, the leader in global expansion for Amazon and eCommerce brands.

Sam Fawahl

Navigating Vietnam Sourcing for Amazon Success

Sam is a strategic business consultant who aims to help bridge the gap between business owners
and manufacturers. After over 5000 hours of coaching sessions, Sam helped hundreds of sellers get their products online and went on to consult established businesses to perfect their systems.

Building the Right Systems

June,7 9 AM EST Kick off

Vanessa Hung

Optimized Listings
That Sell More

Vanessa is the CEO and founder of Online Seller Solutions. She began transforming Amazon businesses in 2017 and single handily scaled one client to
7 figures in under one year.
She quickly learned that those same skills of determination and resourcefulness were extremely valuable in the Amazon community.

Chris Grant

Mindset-Driven Success With Amazon Arbitrage

Chris has been selling on Amazon for about a decade and online for about 18 years. He started sharing what he was learning and that has turned into a blog, a Youtube channel, courses. Now he's on a mission to help as many people grow their e-commerce business utilizing retail and online arbitrage.  

Alex Speian

Diving Deep Into Your Numbers With Sellerboard

Alex is the head of Marketing at Sellerboard. A platform that could give Amazon sellers all the data they needed at one glance and automate many processes, with a  team focused on building the world's most functional and user-friendly management accounting tool for Amazon sellers.

Quincy Lin

Winning with Sourcing Lists:
Best Practices

Founder, QikLists. Quincy started on Amazon in 2014. He began sourcing locally but quickly realized the power of online sourcing. In 2015, with his VA team's help, he started sharing his valuable knowledge and lists with a select group of sellers. With QikLists he now helps sellers get more efficiency in product sourcing.

Ben Smith

Building Your Team & Systematizing Your Business

Ben started working in the e-commerce space in 2016 and was hooked ever since. In the years since then, he has learned the ins and outs of what it takes to build a successful Amazon brand. With a passion to help Amazon Sellers and Agencies scale their business, Ben leads the Seller Candy sales team.

Arvin Teano

Maximizing Your Profits:
The Power of Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Arvin loved numbers during the time he was working as an accountant before realizing that that skill set was perfect for Amazon. Over the last 7 years, he gained the technical expertise needed to develop new strategies to handle Seller Central Problems. As he leads Seller Cany's delivery team.

Strategies for navigating the business models to win on Amazon

June,8 9 AM EST Kick off

Daniel Fernandez

Creative Approaches for Amazon Growth

Daniel is the founder and CEO of, a full-service agency that manages and grows brands on Amazon and Walmart since 2015. He has helped generate $150MM+ in sales for clients and helped take many of them internationally. He currently resides in Florida, where he leads his global team and enjoys the sunny weather.

Mina Elias

Innovative PPC Strategies For Rapid Growth

Mina is a multiple seven-figure seller, and founder of Trivium Group. He excels at developing cutting-edge supplements and combines his passion for supplements, background in chemical engineering, and PPC expertise to crush it on Amazon. His aims to change the way people perceive Amazon PPC and empower them to take back control.

Darrell Paterson

Selling Smarter with Sponsored Products

Darrell is co-founder of Sponsored Profit. A former Aircraft Engineer in the Royal Navy, he sold over $3M on Amazon before focusing on Amazon PPC full-time. He has helped generate over $99M in sales for clients worldwide using Sponsored Profit’s proven 4-step HOST process and proprietary PPC software, AdManager™.

Chris Rawlings

Mastering Retargeting for Amazon Success

Chris is the founder of Sophie Society, coming from a technical background, he designed his own products & built his personal care brand into an international success on Amazon. He facilitated over 2,000 product launches, over 1,500 listing optimizations while helping more than 900 brands dominate Amazon’s US, EU, and Aus markets.

Shawn Hart

Off-Amazon Marketing Mastery: PostPurchasePro

Shawn Hart & Seth Stevens have launched more than 1,000 products, and grown to over $1M per month within 18 months of creating their first brand. After exiting many of their own brands, they now help Amazon sellers around the world generate more revenue by re-engaging their Amazon customers with real email and text marketing.

Marketing, PPC, and more!

June,9 9 AM EST Kick off

Tyler Gregg

Google Ads Mastery for Amazon Sellers

Tyler is the VP of Strategic Initiatives at Ampd. He's passionate about helping growing brands leverage Google Ads to take the next step in their growth journey.
He and his team at Ampd have spent +7 years building Google Ad tech and now bring that technology and knowledge to the Amazon industry allowing Sellers to unlock Google Ads.

Tanner Rankin

Influencer Strategies for Amazon Growth

For 10+ years as an author, speaker & founder of The Source Approach, and CEO at Referazon, Tanner has helped brands & retailers make eCommerce their strength quicker & easier. As a top-rated Fractional CMO, eCommerce & Amazon Consultant seen on: Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Business Journals & more.

Amy Wees

The Power of Product Scaling

Amy CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting, an internationally acclaimed company that assists thousands of brands in launching their private label products on Amazon and other marketplaces. Her courses and consulting have been highly rated in Amazon seller polls as some of the best in the world. 

Don Henig

Funding your Business Growth the Smart Way

Don has built successful companies in various industries, and now he has developed a unique way to provide capital to Amazon Sellers to grow. He reversed the risk of financing and does not require any interest, fees, terms or monthly payments. In fact, AccrueMe makes money when you make money, which makes it the safest source of growth funds.

Norm Farrar

Mastering Google Profiles

Norm is an entrepreneur who provides online marketing and managed eCommerce solutions for brands. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and 20th Century Fox. Since the early 1990s, Norm has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential.

Kevin Sanderson

Scaling Your Product
Beyond Borders

Kevin is an experienced Amazon seller who has been active since 2015, and has expanded to multiple international marketplaces. He is currently the VP of Marketing at My Amazon Guy, following the acquisition of his company Maximizing Ecommerce, where he continues to organize virtual summits to support the growth of Amazon sellers.

Tips for Selling Your Amazon Business

June,10 9 AM EST Kick off

Taliesen Hollywood

Strategic Amazon
Business Exits

Taliesen leads the Hahnbeck team. His deep understanding of e-commerce M&A combined with his background in technology & entrepreneurship makes him the ideal partner to prepare for an exit.
He has led individual transactions > $100m in size and his insights on
e-commerce M&A are
highly regarded.

Greg Elfrink

Amazon Brokers and
Your Selling Strategy

Greg joined Empire Flippers in April 2016. Now, as Director of Marketing, he manages everything from the content to the marketing automation, to vision and goal setting, all the way down to the implementation. 
He worked in the oil fields and now travels the globe networking, and speaking.

Matt Perkins

Smart Tactics For Better Deals With M&A Advisors

Matt joined the Website Closers team after a 15 year career in corporate America that had him working with executives from around the globe and across multiple disciplines. He has dedicated himself to bringing his experience to bear for each of his clients as a member of the Website Closers team.

David Hyland

Transitioning Out of Amazon Successfully

COO of The Fortia Group.
With >20 years as a chartered accountant, David leads the financial analysis and closing processes. His background in tech and corporate finance has seen him lead on M&A for leisure, eCommerce and the software industry. With a unique blend of financial and data storytelling enables him to identify the core KPIs that drive eCommerce success.

Starting & Growing a Successful Agency

June,11 9 AM EST Kick off

Mads Singers

Effective Team Management Strategies

Mads has more than 10 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs on management and outsourcing. He currently owns and runs 7 companies, and manages more than 200 people. He is also an expert on growing and scaling an online business and is one of the industry experts in the DiSC methodology a cornerstone in his philosophy.

Danny Carlson

Agency Marketing Mastery

Danny founded the Agency “Kenji ROI” in 2016 as a solopreneur, before growing it past 7 figures in annual revenue and 25 full-time employees. He exited Kenji ROI in 2022, and the new owners continue to grow the Kenji brand today. The agency systems and team were good enough that there was no “earn out” clause, just a clean business exit.

John Logar

$1M in Agency Sales: Proven Strategies

John is a serial Entrepreneur, business strategist, marketing maven, and sales process maestro. Founder of Consulting Unleased. 
With more than 33 years of consulting experience, he coaches digital marketing agencies and consultants too...
He is inspired by entrepreneurship and loves marketing and sales even more

Warren Delicate

Developing The Right Systems for Sustainable Success

With more than 15 years of working with the biggest telecommunication providers in the UK, Warren become obsessed with helping companies build scalable systems and world-class customer service, teams. As the COO he helps to develop Seller Candy as a core business and Amazing service for Sellers.

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